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ScopeRoller 8 Casters

ScopeRollerTM 8

Tired of taking the telescope off the mount, disconnecting cables, and carrying the mount and tripod out to the driveway or backyard? Not strong enough to pick up the mount and telescope together? Be observing in thirty seconds, with ScopeRoller! Roll your Losmandy GM-8 out of the garage or storage shed--no disassembly required.

ScopeRollerTM 8 Deluxe5

These casters slide directly into the legs.  Before ordering, verify that the inner dimensions of your GM-8 tripod legs are 1.00" x 1.00" square. (Make sure you are measuring the interior dimensions of the leg, not the exterior, where the 30 degree angle "cut" makes one dimension longer than the other.) The caster legs are 0.988" +- .007" to make sure that they fit in current production Losmandy GM-8 legs.  Note: older GM-8 tripod legs are 1.00" x 1.15" interior dimensions.  I can make these to fit your mount, but they are an extra $15, because I machine the parts on a vertical mill instead of using a more mass production method.

Before you order the 1.00" x 1.15" legs for the older GM8 mounts: here's a diagram that explains why even though you have the square GM8 legs--when you measure the opening at the bottom of the leg, it looks like you need the older version.

If the interior is square, you almost certainly have the current production, 1.00" x 1.00" legs. If the interior is rectangular, you probably have the older legs.

If you need the 1.00" x 1.15" leg inserts, the ScopeRollerTM 8 Older Standard `set of three for the GM-8 is $ plus shipping.